About US

Thought Provoking Tee’s and Printing, LLC

Established in March of 2013, by a husband and wife duo from Detroit Mi. They decided to trust God and step out on Faith and chase their dream. Realizing that starting their own business would not be easy especially working full time jobs and raising two children, they continued their pursuit of chasing and fulfilling their dream.

You may ask who is Thought Provoking Tee’s and Printing. We are an apparel printing company that has a voice to be heard and seen through visual content with positive and impacting messages. We like to think of our brand as “food for thought” apparel you can wear. We are not just a simple Tee shirt printing and apparel company, but we are a printing company that prints with a purpose and is intentional in its purpose.  

Besides our own brand line we provide printing services for Schools, churches, organizations, businesses, and individual customer basis for any and all occasions, from family reunions to church picnics, to school graduations or whatever the occasion may be. The types of printing service we offer are screen printing, vinyl, digital transfer, customized apparel with Rhine stones and Rhine studs, and Direct to Garment printing. We take each and every job seriously, and our pride is displayed through the quality in your finished order. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. It’s not enough just to be a business in Detroit, but it’s about giving back as well. The love and support we get from Detroit, we find ways to give that love and support right back, whether it be through donating apparel to the homeless on the streets, or donating shirts for breast cancer awareness to various organizations in the metro area. We can order anything from your basic t shirt to aprons and our selection extends to premium brands like American Apparel and District Threads.When you order your shirts, sweatshirts, sports gear, or anything with a print through us you can do it having the peace of mind knowing it was done locally, and with 100% pride.


MISSION: Our mission here at Thought Provoking Tee’s and Printing LLC. Is to feed your mind and provide you with a little “Food for Thought” apparel you can wear, and to stimulate your mind with positive and inspiring ways of thinking. Our Goal: To be the most diverse printing and Apparel Company in the Metro Detroit area with superior customer service, and quality product, providing services of screen printing, vinyl, customized apparel with Rhine stone/studs, Direct to Garment. Our goal is also to push positivity to the masses, through our own apparel wear.